Alyssa Marie;

Hey, my name is Alyssa.
I'm 16 years young.
I blow out the candles on February 24th.
I'm single but my heart is taken..♥

Feel free to message me whenever. I'm always here for all of my followers. I love you all! Stay Strong && Remember that there is always someone who cares♥

Baby Birch


I wish we could take every path. I could spend a hundred years adoring you. Yes, I wish we could take every path, because I hated to close the door on you. -Joanna Newsom

Liz C. (via ilizc)

No matter how hard you try,
You’ll never find someone like me.
‘Cause I’m perfect.
In so many ways,
In so many levels,
I’m perfect for you.
… and you know it.